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The following are the policies of School of Rock Roslyn. Please refer to this page regularly as policies may change. If policies are changed, all current School of Rock families will be notified in writing via email. If you have any questions, please email the school at roslyn@schoolofrock.com, or call us at 516-234-ROCK (7625).

Last updated: 01/12/2023


  1. Lessons canceled 24 hours or more in advance of the scheduled lesson time are eligible for a make-up lesson. We do not offer make-up passes for group rehearsals. We do not offer refunds or credits for missed lessons.

      1. ONLINE CANCELLATIONS: When you’re on your Parent Portal, click on "My Stuff" at the top of the page, then scroll down until you see "Upcoming Appointments". Click the appointment you wish to cancel. Then click “Cancel visit”. That means you are canceling this one appointment. You will then be automatically issued a make up pass.

      2. EMAIL CANCELLATIONS: If you wish to cancel through us, we prefer that you email us at roslyn@schoolofrock.com. This email address forwards to our admin team so that whoever is in the office that day can handle your schedule request efficiently.

      3. PHONE CANCELLATIONS: You may also call or text our school at 516-234-ROCK (7625) during operating hours to cancel your lesson.


  1. Make-up lesson passes are only issued for private lessons cancelled within policy, meaning with at least 24 hours notice using one of the above-mentioned cancellation methods.

  2. Make-up lesson passes expire 90 days after the date of cancellation. If you cancel your make-up lesson, you will not be issued a new make-up pass. If you cancel a scheduled make-up lesson, you will need to re-schedule a new make-up within 90 days of the original lesson being cancelled.

  3. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed to be scheduled with your regular instructor or with the instructor you booked with. The schedule is subject to change.

  4. You can use this make-up pass to book a make-up lesson on any instrument! This is a good opportunity to try a different instrument.

  5. If you end your plan with School of Rock, your make-up passes expire on the last day of your membership. Make-up passes will not be extended beyond the last day of your membership.


Billing is processed between the 28th and the last day of the month for the following month (for example, January’s tuition will be charged sometime between December 28-December 31). This process is done manually. Without a cancellation request, you agree to be automatically billed. American Express or Discover cards are no longer accepted, only Visa, Mastercard or Debit Cards please.

  1. LATE FEES: Payments processed after the 5th of the current month will incur a $20 late fee.

  2. PLAN SUSPENSION: Unpaid accounts will be suspended on the 10th of the month.

  3. SHOW FEE: Show Fees are charged once per season to families in the Performance Program. This $125 show fee, charged once per family and not per student, helps offset the cost of venue expenses, dog tags, tickets to the show, etc. You will receive a reminder 15 days before the Show Fee is scheduled to be charged.

  4. PLAN CHANGES & MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATIONS: In order to change programs or end your membership with School of Rock, you must notify us in writing via email no later than the 24th of the current month. Text or verbal discuss about plan changes and/or membership cancellations are not accepted.


The safety of School of Rock students and staff is our highest priority. In order to create the safest environment possible, we adhere to the following policies:
  • Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the instructional area of the school without an appointment.

  • In accordance with our Non-Fraternization Policy (written below), students and parents may not have direct contact with staff outside of the School. If you need to speak with your child’s instructor, please contact the school via email and we will schedule an appointment with you.


The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. It is our goal that by involving our parents in actively engaging with our Staff Non-Fraternization policy we can work together to continue to create a safe environment for everyone. Please take a moment to review the policy below. It is designed to ensure your student’s safety. As a parent you should know and comply with the expectation that School of Rock employees are prohibited from engaging in any contact, communication or interaction with students outside of the business of school related activities.

  • Prohibited fraternization activity includes, but is not limited to the following:

    • Corresponding in any way with underage* students through email without the parent being copied on the email.

    • Corresponding in any way with underage* students through text messaging, instant messaging, or social media sites. Instructors are not allowed to ‘friend’, follow, message, correspond or in any way engage on social media with a student.

    • Calling underage* students by telephone outside of a direct relation to a student’s lesson, rehearsal, School of Rock program, event, or show.

    • Meeting with underage* students outside the school grounds for any reason other than one directly related to a School of Rock music program, show, or school-sponsored event. A parent must be in attendance.

    • Any meeting with an underage* student directly related to a School of Rock music program or show occurring off of school premises must be with the advance knowledge and approval of your Supervisor, the student’s parent(s), and must occur in an open or public place or in the presence of the parent(s).

    • Meeting with any student (underage* or adult) outside the school premises for the purposes of giving music lessons or teaching music.

    • Visiting an underage* student at their home.

    • Traveling alone with an underage* student.

      • *An underage student is defined as anyone under the age of 18 OR enrolled/participating in a non-adult program. **It is suggested that you maintain professional boundaries with adult students and parents of students. We do not condone developing personal relationships with any students and clients, regardless of age.


To ensure the safety of our students, School of Rock requires that every student, of any age, remain on School of Rock premises unless accompanied by a parent or guardian including at pick up time. A parent or guardian may inform the General Manager or Studio Coordinator that an alternative person will be picking up the student on a case by case basis at or before drop off at the School of Rock premises. A parent or guardian may grant School of Rock permission to allow their child to leave School of Rock premises unaccompanied by the parent or guardian by signing a waiver. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises unless a parent or guardian has provided the School of Rock a signed copy of the waiver. Signing the waiver hereby gives permission for the Student to leave the School of Rock premises for whatever reason. For the avoidance of doubt, it is understood that School of Rock is not responsible for the Student’s safety once the Student has left the School of Rock premises.


School of Rock REQUIRES the use of ear protection during rehearsals, live shows or any activities with sustained sound exposure. It is the student’s responsibility to possess and maintain hearing protection while participating in School of Rock activities. School of Rock will suggest ear plugs and hearing protection solutions at the request of the parent/guardian.


School of Rock is a family environment, and while we want everyone to express themselves, we ask our students to keep the following dress code in mind:
  • Clothing should be free of inappropriate language or imagery.
  • For the safety of everyone, Crocs, sandals, flip flops, or any other open-toed shoe are not allowed to be worn at School of Rock


At School of Rock performances, parents, friends, students, media photographers, fans, and others, including School of Rock, will photograph, video, film, and record performances, sessions, rehearsals, and lessons that may include your child as a performer, as a spectator, and/or as a student (individually and collectively, the “Images and Recordings”). School of Rock reserves the right to use photographs and videos for social media, email marketing, etc.